A Well in Alambuela de Cotacachi

In December of 2023, through the fundraising efforts of Godlan’s BTN program, we built a well in Alambuela de Cotacachi, Ecuador.

After the rainy season comes to an end in this mountainous area of Ecuador, the numerous small villages of Kichwa Indians that live in the area typically find themselves in a bit of a predicament. This region has two seasons; a rainy season, and a dry season.

About two weeks after the rainy season ends, the mountain becomes arid and dry (like a desert) and the only water source (a tiny ditch) dries up. There is no clean water for miles. The villagers must walk all day to get water in a bucket or have it trucked in, which is expensive and difficult due to the lack of roads.

Last summer, we partnered with a medical missions team to these villages, and we personally saw the dried-up ditch (their only water source). We provided medical, dental, and vision clinics, but we also gave them water filters. Godlan decided to dig a reservoir, hoping that it would fill up with water during the rainy season, and carry them through much of the dry season. We commenced work on digging the reservoir at the end of October 2023.

While digging, we struck a spring deep in the mountain! Upon this wonderful discovery, we shifted gears and installed a water pump in the spring. Now, with the turn of a valve, they can refill the reservoir when it starts to get low. In addition, a pipe was run into the center of each of the villages allowing these people to can fill their buckets in the center of the village instead of walking for hours to find water.

Through our ongoing Fill It Forward and My Virtual Mission initiatives at Godlan, our team of employees raised the money to fund the building of the reservoir!

This project was so successful, we’ve decided to pick another location to build another reservoir this year. Stay tuned for more good news, Godlan friends!

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