ERP For Metal Fabrication

Fabricated Metals manufacturers facing increased global pressure are stressed to find new efficiencies. Price sensitivity, volatile raw material cost, shorter product lifecycles, and adoption of quality and value added services continue to erode already thin margins. In response, many manufacturers are expanding their traditional business and looking for new opportunities-some in new and unknown markets and others centered in business performance.

Lean initiatives are driving many manufacturers to re-engineer business processes from the plant floor to the top floor to the extended supply chain. These same businesses are enjoying business-wide costs savings, reduction in raw material and work in process, improved throughput, and better utilization of existing resources, and improved customer satisfaction. Infor SyteLine ERP understands the demands placed on manufacturers today and helps you respond.

Infor SyteLine ERP for Fabricated Metal Manufacturers:

Metcam continues growth with successful SyteLine ERP implementation by Godlan

40+ Years of Exceptional Service for Manufactures

Success of Metal Fabricators

Acting as extensions of their customers’ engineering and manufacturing operations, fabricators must provide flexible capacity, continuous replenishment, collaborative designs and the ability to vertically integrate sourcing on a global basis. It’s imperative for fabricated metal manufacturers to strengthen customer service by creating a feeling of seamless extension with customers. To accomplish this across departments and among business partners, integrated processes and systems complement the manual workflows from design and product lifecycle management to after-sales service and customer relationship management.

Successful metal fabricators are close to their customers – designing the most effective manufacturing processes; meeting quantity, tolerance, and material specifications; and providing a full range of services from design to delivery. Many also profit from offering total outsourced management to service level agreements.

Infor SyteLine ERP metal fabrication software integrates:

“The speed of implementation was impressive and the cutover was painless—everything functioned the day after.”
David Hawes,
Manager, Carlton Taylor Industries
“Since deploying SyteLine, we have greater control over day-to-day operations and the ability to focus on our future.”
Peter Ma,
CFO, Superior Fastening Technology

Key Components of SyteLine ERP Metal Fabrication Software

Infor SyteLine ERP metal fabrication software integrated applications promote standards in day-to-day operating procedures, provide alerts when problems occur, and minimize the errors common to manual processes. It enables metal fabricators to take full advantage of business improvement opportunities like Internet-based sourcing, centralized procurement spending, capacity planning, and fulfillment visibility to realize bottom-line benefits: cost reductions and increased operational efficiencies.

Infor SyteLine ERP can manage many different types of manufacturing modes and processes, including Six Sigma and lean flow techniques, giving you greater control from start to finish.

9 Important Components...

1: Fully Integrated End-to-End Business Processes

CRM and lead tracking, Quoting, Orders, Planning, Manufacturing / Sourcing, Delivery, Service, and Finance.

2: Quality Management

Satisfy customers, control costs, and improve processes

3: Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)

Order driven Available-to-Promise (ATP) and Capable-to-Promise (CTP) promising through distributed multi-site order management capabilities.

4: Compliance Management

Stay ahead of documentation and certification requirements.

5: Integrated Maintenance Management

Alongside production planning and procurement minimizes equipment downtime, maintain highest calibration, and manage tooling

6: Complete Control

Complete engineering change control, product lifecycle, and lot tracking across all internal and external operations. Integrate AutoCAD/Autodesk, Pro/E, and SolidWorks with Infor SyteLine ERP software for metal fabrication

7: Business Intelligence

Infor SyteLine ERP software for metal fabrication includes sophisticated tools to gather, analyze, and act on data – turning it into useful information for the purposes of planning and decision making

8: Robust Capabilities

Microsoft .net framework and self-service features bring you: Personalization. Online communication, document exchange, customer portal, and collaboration for great customer service

9: Automated Data Collection / Mobile Applications

Synchronize your manufacturing and supply chain processes with barcode and mobile technologies to save time, errors, and drive out cost

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