ERP For Electronics & High Tech Manufacturers

High Tech and Electronics manufacturers are under constant pressure to introduce innovative products that are more appealing, reliable and inexpensive.

The pace is relentless and requires effective cross-functional and cross-entity communication to get it right. The challenge is exacerbated by short product lifecycles, long procurement lead-times, indirect channels, and complex supply chain networks. More and more companies are outsourcing much of the manufacturing processes; effective collaboration is a requirement. Both OEMs and contractors must rely on standard processes and technology solutions that integrate information on a global scale to maintain control.

The Infor SyteLine ERP Industrial SyteLine manufacturing ERP system for electronics manufacturing is a fully-integrated engineering, production, and supply chain solution designed to facilitate rapid product transfer and production volume ramp up. It helps manufacturers get their products to the market quicker and more efficiently, manage outsourcing operations to reduce costs, and facilitate effective customer and channel communication.

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Key Components of SyteLine ERP Manufacturing Software for Electronics Manufacturing

Infor SyteLine ERP Manufacturing Software for Electronics is the right solution for high tech and electronics manufacturers with leading-edge enterprise functionality on a flexible, dynamic platform with a built-in ability to customize functions and formats to enhance user productivity and confidence

1: Fully-Integrated Quality Management

Satisfy customers, control costs, and improve processes

2: Rules-Based, Parametric and Multi-Level Sales Configurator

Rapidly and accurately configure and dynamically price complex products

3: PDM, PLM, Engineering Change and Document Management

Complete engineering change control, product lifecycle, and lot tracking, across all internal and external operations. ERP integrated with Auto-Cad/Auto-Desk, Pro-E, and Solid Works

4: Compliance Management

Stay ahead of documentation and certification requirements

5: Integrated Maintenance Management with Production Planning and Procurement

Minimize equipment downtime, maintain highest calibration, and manage tooling

6: Kitting Capability

Deliver related parts accurately, simplify customer order handling

7: Business Intelligence

Sophisticated tools to gather, analyze, and act on data, turning it into useful information for planning and decision making

8: Robust Portal Framework and Self-Service Capabilities

Online communication, document exchange, and collaboration for great customer service

9: Customer Release Schedule (including Kanban signals) and Release Accounting

Synchronize with customer requirements and changes; deliver on-time

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