ERP For MTO & ETO Manufacturers

Achieving success in MTO (Make-to-Order) and ETO (Engineer-to-Order) Manufacturing requires meeting the diverse needs of clients quickly and efficiently. Today’s increasingly sophisticated consumers demand more configurable and personalized products. As a result, manufacturers like you need to implement new processes to meet the challenges that come from mass customization. With the right technologies in place, you can accommodate your customers’ needs and positively differentiate from the competition. An aggressively proficient software solution will be essential in this pursuit of excellence.

In order to effectively manage operations, MTO and ETO companies need a production scheduling system that can manage unique job requirements, inventory control and visibility.  Each product is made and engineered according to demand, making every step in the process critical for ensuring that resources are preserved. You must ensure that your ERP system can manage the complexities of custom orders, including the ability to schedule staff and resources, stage the necessary raw materials, and automatically replenish inventory.

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Customers today are highly demanding. They have high expectations for quality, value and as-promised delivery. The increased capabilities for highly configured and customized products have also lead to the rise of consumerization in manufacturing— where consumers become engaged in design collaboration, product configuration, and personalization of products. While this trend is dramatically increasing the complexity of manufacturing, modern ERP solutions also offer valuable tools for managing MTO (make-to-order) products with minimal disruptions.

Whether a manufacturer’s product line is MTO or ETO, manufacturers and customers need to work closely together to meet the customers’ specifications. Often this includes the manufacturer acting as a trusted advisor—steering customers toward optimal designs, and products well suited for their specific application. The manufacturer’s knowledge and experience can help customers meet their needs.

SyteLine ERP has the functionality MTO and ETO manufacturers need to stay ahead of the competition.

Only a modern ERP system that’s designed specifically for manufacturing and that integrates with social business collaboration, financial, quality control, and demand planning tools can keep track of all the moving pieces.

“We initially looked at 15 ERP solutions – further narrowing that to 5 and in the end, SyteLine was the best fit for our business.”
Brian McCloskey
Director of Business Systems, Laser Mechanisms
“Upgrading a software system can be intimidating, but Godlan has far exceeded our expectations in helping us with the implementation and ensuring a trouble-free transition. They are willing to share, teach, and train – wonderful service!”
Sandy Gorcyca
IT Manager, H & H Tube

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