ERP For Specialty and Configurable Vehicles

Specialty Vehicle Manufacturing (including Boats, RV’s, Trailers, Construction, Emergency, Buses, and Utility Vehicles) are some of the worlds most globally competitive industries. Tougher customer demands for quality products in shorter lead times and pricing pressures continue to escalate. The key to retaining profitable customer relationships is to manage project resources in a collaborative ERP environment that synchronizes all customer requirements.

Infor SyteLine ERP manufacturing software helps manage the entire design-to-service lifecycle for specialty vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. It provides the transparency to manage complex manufacturing dynamics with:

As a result, you’ll lower costs, increase capacity, and give your customers the level of product excellence they require.

40+ Years of Exceptional Service for Manufactures

Bring Vehicles and Configurations to Market Faster

The Infor SyteLine ERP manufacturing system includes ERP and complementary solutions that increase customer satisfaction, directly support lean manufacturing initiatives, drive transparency through the complete value chain, and help you run a profitable, customer-responsive business.

Download the overview brochure to find out how Infor SyteLine ERP Manufacturing software for Recreational & Specialty Vehicle manufacturers can help your business or join us for a web seminar to learn more and demo the ERP software.

Business Specific Solutions

Godlan has years of embedded industry expertise acquired by partnering with leading boat and ship building companies and suppliers. Our business-specific integrated solutions are tailored to the needs of your industry, ensuring you have what it takes to streamline your operations, optimize repair services, remain competitive, and be more enterprising.

Our Implementation Promise will assure you that Godlan is the only choice for an ERP manufacturing software partner.


Integrated Contract Management

Manage product specifications, delivery dates, payment conditions, freight terms, installation, and service agreements to ensure common views and real-time accuracy


Rules-Based, Parametric and Multi-Level Sales Configurator: Rapidly and accurately configure and dynamically price complex products.

Business Intelligence

Infor SyteLine ERP Manufacturing software for specialty vehicles manufacturers includes sophisticated tools to gather, analyze, and act on data, turning it into useful information for planning and decision making.

Fully-integrated Quality Management

Satisfy customers, control costs, and improve processes

Comprehensive and Centralized Customer Relationship Management: Fully-integrated sales, support, field services, and installed-base tracking.
Financial Management

Comprehensive and Centralized Customer Relationship Management: Fully-integrated sales, support, field services, and installed-base tracking. See here

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