ERP For Aerospace & Defense Manufacturers.

As a manufacturer, supplier, or contractor in the aerospace & defense (A&D) industry, the challenges you face are forcing you to rethink the way you do business. Old processes and approaches just don’t cut it anymore. Neither do legacy ERP solutions. You need your IT solutions to be as agile and responsive as the aircraft and components you build, supply, and service.

Meet Infor SyteLine ERP for Aerospace & Defense, a ready-to-run solution, built to meet the needs of A&D companies. It provides deep, proven capabilities in key areas such as:

Even better, the solution is delivered in the cloud, which helps ensure efficiency, cost savings, built-in support for global operations, as well as security that follows industry leading best practice protocols.

40+ Years of Exceptional Service for Manufactures

Designed for Compliance with FedRAMP®

Infor’s Government SaaS environment is designed with the controls in place to meet the requirements mandated by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP®) for a moderate impact level.

In addition to FedRAMP, AWS GovCloud (US) adheres to US International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) requirements, Impact Levels 2 and 4 of Department of Defense systems, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and NIST 800-53.

Adopting FedRAMP-authorized solutions that already implement the required security practices can provide an easier path to certification at a lower cost and may even enable smaller companies to target a higher Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) maturity level.

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Master Complexity & Achieve Profitable Growth

A Call to Action for the Aerospace Sector

Get Business Specific

The most successful aerospace companies recognize the need for a flexible IT infrastructure— one that helps them develop intimate customer relationships to ensure new or follow-on contracts and greater market share, while managing their global supply chain more efficiently and upgrading logistical control and field maintenance resources.

Infor SyteLine ERP for Aerospace & Defense helps OEMs, contractors, and suppliers in a commercial or hybrid environment run a profitable business by empowering them to meet their toughest problems head-on. This integrated solution can deliver innovation and value to your company, too, by providing everything you need to respond with speed and precision to changing customer demand and market unpredictability.

“We now have a better understanding of inventory and order demand. Raw material purchasing is improved since we can utilize economic order quantities and better schedule our orders.”
Charlie Frampton
Director of Operations | Skills Inc
“I can run a P&L for every site at the touch of a button now. As a result, the two-week, month-end financial consolidation process has been shortened to three days.”
Don Marshall
Group Financial Analyst | CAV Aerospace

Leverage Experience

Drawing on 25 years of embedded experience partnering with leading aerospace companies and their global supply chains, Infor has a proven track record of supporting the needs of this volatile industry. We offer business-specific solutions tailored especially for aerospace companies to help ensure that their IT infrastructure aligns with their business strategy.

Infor SyteLine ERP for Aerospace & Defense Manufacturers comes with industry experience built in to lower our customers’ total cost of ownership. Better yet, these scalable solutions help companies like yours meet enterprise-wide business challenges faster and more cost-effectively.

Infor SyteLine ERP for Aerospace & Defense Manufacturers can also help you sustain competitive differentiation, despite increasing complexity and costs, by providing proven tools to:

  • Strengthen customer
    responsiveness and service
  • Increase supply chain integration
  • Gain better visibility into
    key operating information
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Streamline manufacturing processes
  • Improve sourcing
  • Expand service and repair

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Running a successful aerospace business is challenging. By helping leading companies in the industry make major improvements in their response to customer demand and volatile market dynamics, Infor SyteLine ERP for Aerospace & Defense Manufacturers is positioning them to drive efficiency and profitability.

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