Success Stories

Hear directly from our clients about the impact Godlan and ERP implementations has had on their enterprises.

Metcam Continues Growth with Successful SyteLine ERP Implementation

By implementing Infor SyteLine, Metcam was able to reduce inventory by 50%. SyteLine provides visibility into all aspects of their fabricated sheet metal business. Real time visibility into operations has improved decision making.

Vantage Power tracks inventory in real-time with Infor SyteLine ERP Industrial.

“As a young engineering company, we are in an excellent position to get the most out of the cloud. In the first instance that means better visibility as we implement the ERP. Looking further to the future, we plan to take the data from our power-trains and feed that into the ERP so we can proactively maintain the units, and offer a cost-effective and complete managed service to our customers. Cloud will be at the heart of making all of this happen.”
Alex Schey
CEO of Vantage Power

Rieke Packaging Systems

Rieke Packaging Systems is a world class manufacturer of closures and dispensing systems for the global market and committed to Innovation. They are using Infor10x technology and SyteLine solution to create standard processes around the world, provide global visibility to inventory and review and analyze customer buying patterns.

Huttig Building Products CPQ Success Story

Huttig is one of the largest wholesale distributors of millwork and specialty building products with 27 locations in the United States. Huttig increased customer loyalty and differentiated their brand by allowing their distribution network self-serve access to easily configure doors, pull specific pricing, create quotes and complete orders. As a result, Huttig reduced costs, recognizing a reduction of more than 80,000 phone calls to their inside sales team. Increase Sales, Reduce Costs & Strengthen your Brand with CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Software.

Herman Miller accelerates business growth with Infor SyteLine ERP

To drive integrated production and supply, Herman Miller has deployed Infor SyteLine throughout its international operations in the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Singapore, and China. Infor SyteLine is the backbone of the company’s operations and provides a single platform for all transactions. Consequently, there have been several points of impact upon the business. In the US, Infor SyteLine is integrated with e-procurement to keep inventory low and reduce the time to purchase components needed for manufacture. The company has reduced such inventory by $1.2 million in two recent years.

Preferred Sands – Infor ION and Infor SyteLine ERP

Preferred Sands is driven to excel via efficiency and technology. Excellence is the mantra every day at this oil and gas industry leader. The number one frac sand producer in Canada and one of the top 3 producers in the US, the company has grown exponentially over the past five years since it purchased its first sand mine in Nebraska. In 2008, Preferred Sands produced and sold 100,000 tons of product for the entire year, just a small fraction of the 2.5 million ton per month market for the oil and gas industry. Today, Preferred Sands’ output is 300,000 to 400,000 tons a month. With six mines and five sand processing plants, the company knows that reducing downtime in production is key to increasing market share, which prompted its initial investment in Infor SyteLine in 2010.

“I don’t trust any information that is two hours old. We need real-time information in one platform to make a good business decision, and Infor provides that ability.”
Luke Rains
System Development Director, Preferred Sands

Spectra Sensors is the leading global provider of laser-based process instrumentation.

They use Infor EPAK to maximize employee productivity, ensure their employees are following standard business procedures and to get the maximum benefit from their Infor Industrial Syteline ERP software.

“One of the things I’ve been pleased with – the core content is specific to how we do our business. The way you (Infor) define the processes and pre-record the content works for the way we do it.”
Chad Jellison
Director of IT, SpectraSensors

Mohawk Fine Papers drives down energy use with Infor

Infor has helped Mohawk:

  • Reduce energy consumption by nearly 15%, and confidently expect an additional 15% to 20% reduction.
  • Perform baseline analysis to determine whether to repair or replace an asset.
  • Do comprehensive compliance reporting on greenhouse gas reduction in an auditable way.

Keystone Custom Plastics Specialties

Keystone Custom Plastic Specialties prepares for future with Infor Industrial SyteLine ERP. 

Facts at a glance: Solution: ERP 

Products: Infor™ Infor Industrial SyteLine ERP, Infor EPAK 

Industry: Industrial Manufacturing/Plastics and Printing

“We chose Infor SyteLine because it provided exactly what we needed, plus flexibility and opportunities to do more in the future. Infor’s commitment to advance its product technology is great.”
Doreen Fees
Data Manager, Keystone Custom Plastic Specialties

Aerospace and Defense Manufacturers master complexity and achieve profitable growth.

Pier Manenti, IDC Manufacturing Insights, provides an introduction to the new IDC Aerospace and Defense report that illustrates how to master complexity in the Aerospace sector and achieve profitable growth. IDC and Infor Share Findings on Next Generation ERP for Aerospace and Defense Manufacturers

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