Beyond The Norm

Going Beyond the Workplace

Beyond the Norm (BTN) is our giving-back initiative at Godlan. Owners Ed and Jackie have allowed their faith in God and Biblical principles to direct their lives, both personally and professionally. This same foundation is the base BTN is built upon.

Ed and Jackie had a vision of loving people and changing lives by doing things Beyond the Norm.

Our Vision

To see our entire world impacted for the Kingdom of God, one life at a time.

Our Mission

To demonstrate our love for God and others by bringing hope to those who need it most.

Our Purpose

To fulfill the two greatest commandments, love God, and love others.

Changing the world, one life at a time.

A Team On Mission.

We’re proud to partner with:

Godlan began going on virtual mission trips in 2021 with the purpose of working together to change lives all over the world by raising funds to bring water, food, shelter, hope, and healing to a dark and dying world.

This is accomplished by coordinating a company-wide water and exercise challenge, through Fill it Forward and My Virtual Mission.

The location of the water well and the virtual mission are coordinated to be one and the same. For example, we built a well and sponsored orphans in Ethiopia and built a well and provided funds to rebuild a church/community center in India.

BTN Initiatives...


Raise money to build clean water wells

A new location will be designated quarterly, for 4 locations per year. Godlan employees participate in this challenge by reusing a water bottle – filling it up and scanning it each time it is refilled, over and over. A pre-determined amount will be donated for each scan recorded.

Lost your scan sticker?


Meet exercise goal, Godlan donates $2500

Godlan employees log their daily exercise activities which propels our team forward as we travel virtually through the country in which we are building a clean water well. Godlan will donate $2500 if the team meets the exercise goal.

Current Challenge

We are going to Peru!

Start Date: 4/01/2024

End Date: 7/30/2024

Water Challenge Goal: 4,221 Scans

Exercise Challenge Goal: 4,100.6 Miles

Last Quarter Report


Start Date: 1/01/2024

End Date: 3/31/24

Recent Wins

Through our ongoing Fill It Forward and My Virtual Mission initiatives at Godlan, our team of employees raised the money to fund the building of a water reservoir in Alambuela de Cotocachi, Ecuador. 

Read more and see pictures of this project. 

A Well in Alambuela de Cotacachi
In December of 2023, through the fundraising efforts of Godlan’s BTN program, we built a well in...
Read More

Please consider participating. Scan a sticker, change a life. We’re happy to say that we’ve successfully surpassed 100% for every challenge.

Join us today and let’s keep changing lives!

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