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Enovate Medical

Infor SyteLine
Enovate Medical Shares How Godlan’s Project Management Team Made All of the Difference in the Successful Implementation of CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine)

.Enovate Medical powers intelligent care through the first workstation solution that connects nurses, patients, management, and IT staff. Enovate Medical manufactures and implements intelligent workstation solutions and services that improve clinical workflows and facilitate real time Electronic Health Record (EHR) charting at the point of care. Today, Enovate Medical is taking EHR to the next level by Powering Intelligent Care. Enovate’s smart technology and integrated systems are designed to improve productivity for every stakeholder in the care equation.

Facts at a glance...


On-Premises, Configuration


SyteLine ERP


Medical, EHR Workstations


Murfreesboro, TN, USA


  • Large customizations within system
  • Wanted to change deployment model
  • Need for more efficiency in processes


  • The ability to track serial numbers and drill into units at the serial level has been hugely beneficial for both inventory and tracking
  • CSI SyteLine is user-friendly, easy, and has customizable reporting capabilities to be better equipped to respond to complex data requests
  • A consulting partner in Godlan that has scalability to meet growth demands and the ability to listen and discern the needs of the company, while providing an attainable plan of action

“Godlan stands apart because of their project management team. They are incredibly knowledgeable about SyteLine and they take the time to listen. It was apparent that they cared about finding the best fit for our company.”

Larry Norman, Systems Administrator, Enovate Medical

“The Godlan project management team helped us develop a good plan utilizing our resources and ended up reducing the cost of our entire project.”

Larry Norman, Systems Administrator, Enovate Medical

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