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EuroKera Gains Transformational Visibility into Factory Floor Data with Prophecy loT®

EuroKera is a global leader in advanced cooking surfaces and glass-ceramic solutions. Born in the heart of France in 1990, EuroKera is founded by two of the most prestigious companies in the world: Saint-Gobain and Corning Incorporated. Since then, our innovative solutions have been taking the potential of glass-ceramic to an always higher level. While providing outstanding customer services we push the technical performance limits further while keeping the unique French elega nee and taste for exclusive design.

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Industrial Internet of Things




Glass-Ceramic Cooktop Surfaces


Fountain Inn, SC


  • The need to understand true downtime levels.
  • Previously spending excess time logging tool changes by hand and entering production numbers manually, resulting in more errors.
  • Needed better data ava ilabilityfor predictive maintenance.
  • The need for real time process metrics and visual Indicators for performance (day/shift) due to lack of accurate and timely data for analysis.


  • Once EuroKera engaged with Godlan for Prophecy loT®, they achieved direct connectivity to existing PLCs and infrastructure without adding extra hardware.
  • Data now being collected from PLCs at very high speed.
  • Meaningful data now can be logged in SOL database (manyopportunities in itsel0.
  • Prophecy loT® provides direct PLC connections that revea I detailed production data for analysis and understanding of production issues.
  • Graphical display of data is achieved with easy to create charts and graphs that present better information to management for decision making.

“With Prophecy loT we were able to instantly get hold of our data and start to see what exactly was going on with the lines and then understand what we could do with this data.”

Jackie Collins, Manufacturing Systems Manager, EuroKera North America

“One of the immediate advantages we’ve seen is now a machine can tell us when a lot is finished, and we can then issue that lot out in our ERP system. For us that is a huge financial benefit- to make sure that our materia I is assigned to the correct job and that we a re accounting for every sheet of materia I that we use.”

Jackie Collins, Manufacturing Systems Manager, EuroKera North America

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