Godlan Wins Macomb Business Award as “Champion of Work / Life Integration”

Macomb County Michigan, where Godlan is headquartered, is home to 18,000 businesses. Business leaders from across the region attended the seventh annual Macomb Business Awards to support and to recognize the 71 nominees and 6 winners from the various 6 categories.

Godlan was chosen from the 3 finalists as the winner of the “Champion of Work/Life Integration” award. This prestigious award is defined as the top company in the area offering innovative benefits that enable employees to balance work responsibilities with personal passions“.

View Press Release here.

“Over the years Godlan has been privileged to receive numerous local and national awards recognizing our growth, sales and professional service accomplishments,” said Ed Lanko, President, Godlan Inc. “Home to more than 18,000 companies, Macomb County is one of the country’s leading hubs for business growth, development and success. Their annual Macomb Business Awards are both highly valued and coveted. As a business owner, to have our company now be recognized with their inaugural award for Champion of Work/Life Balance is as humbling as it is gratifying.”

The Details Of This Coveted Award.

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