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Infor OS: How It Works and Its 7 Applications

If you’re a manufacturer, you’re probably curious about the power of Infor OS, the tried and true cloud-based platform revolutionizing manufacturing businesses. As a Gold Channel Infor Partner with over 40 years of experience implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, we’re excited to show you how the Infor OS platform works.

What Is Infor OS? Overview

Infor OS is a cloud-based Operating Service designed to streamline business operations for manufacturing businesses. Infor OS services SyteLine CloudSuite ERP by acting as a central hub for your entire business by connecting every department, integrating applications and modules, and collecting and compartmentalizing data. Infor OS comes with your CloudSuite ERP subscription.

How Does Infor OS Work?

Infor OS works by connecting a variety of applications, like Infor Data Lake and Infor Birst Business Intelligence, for example. Infor OS gathers data from its applications to paint an all-encompassing view of your business. Completely customizable, Infor OS offers advanced features and functionalities that help your team optimize workflows and generate accurate reports in real-time.

Users log in to the Infor OS platform using their personalized credentials via a web browser or custom application depending on your level of cybersecurity. Then, the team member will access their custom dashboard. The dashboard provides an overview of information relevant to their position and level of access. This could include upcoming tasks, notifications, charts, KPIs, and direct messages. Each user can customize their dashboard based on their needs.

Any data and visualizations on the dashboard can be pulled from Infor’s applications, so users don’t have to navigate away or switch systems to log in. They can complete tasks, generate reports, and communicate with colleagues directly in Infor OS. Communication tools include direct messaging, email, and document sharing.

Infor OS comes with automation technology, making it easy for users to streamline workflows. For example, users with lower-level permissions may need approval from managers for certain tasks. Infor OS notifies managers of approval requests so nothing gets lost in the mix.

Similarly, users can design custom reports to be automatically generated from multiple data sources on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. These automatic, tailor-made reports reduce the amount of time employees spend on menial labor while improving their decision-making via accurate data analysis.

Infor OS offers artificial intelligence (AI) and digital assistant technology. Simply ask your digital assistant for specific insights and get instant answers. When you need support from a real-life Infor expert, you can retrieve resources, documentation, training materials, and community forums directly in the Infor OS.

Infor OS is intuitive to operate and makes customization easy for busy employees.

The 7 Infor OS Applications

Here are seven Infor OS applications that benefit your business in unique ways. You do not have to subscribe to all Infor OS applications if you don’t need them, making Infor a budget-friendly option for growing manufacturing businesses.

1. Infor Birst Business Intelligence & Analytics

Infor Birst is a robust set of analytics, reporting, and visualization tools. The benefit of Infor Birst versus other reporting tools like Tableau is that, when combined with Infor Data Lake, you don’t need to plug in additional data sources. Adding too many third-party data sources can create a messy analytics environment. Instead, Birst pulls data collected from Data Lake which contains all of your CloudSuite ERP data. Having a holistic data pool ensures clean data. That said, you certainly can add third-party data into the mix, but we recommend you make sure the data is clean first.

Watch our video demo: Infor Birst Demo

2. Infor Data Lake

Infor Data Lake is your main repository of data from every area of your business. It’s responsible for storing and managing massive volumes of structured and unstructured data. This is where other applications mine data to generate reports, perform advanced analytics, and help with decision-making. Infor Data Lake is easily scalable for growing manufacturers as they amass years of valuable business data.

3. Infor ION Event Manager and Workflow

Infor ION Event Manager and Workflow is an application that handles various events, from newly placed orders to inventory levels reaching a certain threshold to payment processing and more. The application detects when events occur and automatically triggers predefined actions or workflows in response. Infor ION Event Manager and Workflow significantly speeds up processes by handling them automatically. This means customers don’t need to wait 24-48 hours for responses to common questions, nor will your team run out of inventory due to poor communication. All events are instantly routed to the relevant systems or stakeholders to take the next step.

Watch our Infor ION video demo: Infor ION Overview Demo

4. Infor ION Middleware

Infor ION Middleware is the backbone of communication at your manufacturing business. Middleware is the “middle man” that connects Infor and third-party applications, databases, and IoT devices. This application offers real-time data exchange and synchronization across your entire enterprise.

5. Infor Mongoose Development Platform

If your business would benefit from custom applications, you’ll love the Infor Mongoose Development Platform. This application allows your IT team to quickly build and deploy custom applications that integrate seamlessly with the Infor framework. It’s a low-code development environment, reducing the need for a specialized workforce. Users can drag-and-drop features to design, configure, and customize applications visually for desktop or mobile without advanced programming skills.

Watch our Infor Mongoose video demo: Infor Mongoose Application Development Framework

6. Infor AI & Digital Assistant

Using Infor AI & Digital Assistant is like using your Alexa or Siri at home. It simplifies the user experience by making data easy to access with a question. For example, “Infor AI, when did we run out of component X1 last month?” and “Based on the past 6 months, how many of component X1 should we order this month?” You can get answers to questions based on your specific data sets without having to dig through old files and reports.

7. Infor Document Management

A crucial component for any manufacturing business, Infor Document Management makes storing files and records easy. Infor Document Management makes sure your IP and company records are safe and secure yet easy to access at your facility or on the go.

Other Infor OS Considerations

The number of options and capabilities of Infor OS can feel overwhelming. Here are some ways to lower analysis paralysis and come to a decision on whether Infor OS and CloudSuite ERP are right for your manufacturing business.

  • Talk to an Infor OS Consultant: Our consultants at Godlan have over 40 years of experience working with manufacturers to implement ERP systems. A 1-on-1 consultation with an Infor OS expert will help us understand the scope of your business so we can make personalized recommendations.
  • Watch Infor Demos: Check out our video demos to learn about various Infor applications, or contact us to schedule a live demo.
  • Infor OS Training: Here’s how to get started with SyteLine training.

Learn More About the Infor OS Platform

We’re excited to show you how the Infor OS Platform can transform your business. Learn more about Infor by scheduling a consultation with us today.

Discover what is possible for your enterprise.

Reach out to our team today to begin a conversation to discuss your specific needs, infrastructure, and growth opportunities.

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