Infor OS Data Lake

Operating System

One source for all your data-driven business insights.

Big data is required to solve today’s enterprise and industry challenges.  Tremendous potential is found in the ability to capture data across your enterprise – whether it is generated by applications, people or IoT infrastructure.

Infor’s Data Lake tools deliver schema-on-read intelligence along with a fast, flexible data consumption framework to enable new ways of making key decisions. Leveraged access to your entire Infor ecosystem, means that you can begin capturing and delivering big data to drive your next generation analytics and machine learning strategies.

With Infor Data Lake, structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data from across your enterprise feed into a secure, encrypted data repository, while advanced metadata intelligence prevents your data lake from becoming unmanageable. From this advanced data ingestion, to cataloging, to policy-based data management, and advanced analytics, Infor Data Lake is the end-to-end solution for your big data needs.

Infor Data Lake takes the variety and scale of your enterprise’s information network to drive better decisions, better insights, and faster ROI on your technology investments.

Integrated Infor OS experience

Data ingestion with Infor ION & Infor ION API Gateway

Intelligent metadata management powered by the Infor Data Catalog

Metadata-driven solution architecture

Leveraged access to Infor ecosystem

Power new & flexible data warehousing strategies

Data Lake Storage

Completely customizable, the Infor Data Lake provides a consolidated repository for capturing all of your enterprise data. This will enable growth with insights and investments, enable better informed decisions by enabling you to ingest more content, and will vastly improve your analytics profiles, while providing rich data sets to build more powerful machine learning processes.

Data Lake Metagraph

The Data Lake Metagraph renders a relational layer to initiate assembling collections of data objects and datasets based on valuable metadata relationships stored in the Data Catalog. An intuitive graphical modeling experience guides you to design a virtual network of relevant information that can be used to drive new and flexible data insight use cases.

Infor Data Catalog

Starting with intelligent metadata management can prevent your data lake from turning into the proverbial “data swamp”. The Infor Data Catalog provides an all-inclusive suite of user experiences and services, which enables you to understand the data you’ve captured, how that data may have changed, along with a centralized security reference layer.

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