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With Infor SyteLine ERP Advanced Forecasting, you can automate the calculation of forecasts and other inventory drivers such as safety stock. You can set automatic alerts to notify you when actual demand varies from the plan.

Whether you’re a make-to-order (MTO), repetitive, or engineer-to-order (ETO) manufacturer, you can turn inventory management into a competitive advantage with Infor SyteLine ERP™ Forecasting. Use proven statistical, collaborative, and top-down forecasting approaches with a solution that’s designed by forecasting experts with more than 25 years of experience helping discrete manufacturers like you improve operations.

You’ll find Infor SyteLine ERP Forecasting easy to use, easy to implement, and helpful for automating forecasting processes.

Keep inventory levels and expenses low, without the risk of material shortages that can disrupt production, delay order fulfillment, and reduce customer satisfaction.

With Advanced Forecasting, you can automatically:

Calculate Forecasts

Calculate forecasts based on historical demand using various algorithms with what-if analysis. You can generate forecasts collaboratively, such as a roll-up of expected demand specified by customers or salespeople. You can also calculate forecasts at the customer and warehouse level.

Analyze Data

Analyze forecasts, sales, bookings, and usage of materials by unit and dollar volume, compare forecasts to historical trends, and compare actual demand to what was forecasted. You can view information graphically by groupings, including product, family, commodity, planner, and by user-defined items.

Adapt The Forecast

Adjust the forecast for specific market factors, such as promotions, competitive situations, and new opportunities, after collecting and analyzing data. You can make these adjustments at the group level or at the item level.

Calculate Optimum Inventory Levels

Quickly calculate optimum safety stock, order size, and re-order points-factoring in average usage, variability, lead time, and desired service level.

Top-Down Forecasting

Use planning bills that allow you to calculate or specify a single forecast for a group of items, and then consume that forecast when members of the group are sold. If your company has common components-but unlimited end-item configuration possibilities-you can forecast the components as a product family and consume the forecast when a top-level item of the family is sold. This allows the forecasts to drive demand for components and for customer orders to drive demand for the top-level items.

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