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Today’s managers can no longer afford the luxury of multiple independent views of the business. The Infor SyteLine ERP Manufacturing system provides complete financial management and enterprise business intelligence capabilities including budgeting, forecasting, financial planning, and executive analytics so you can control the cost of doing business and adjust operations accordingly for increased profits.

Infor SyteLine ERP Manufacturing software provides a fully-integrated set of financial functions that coordinate all financial and costing transactions with production operations. You can consolidate, integrate, and analyze all your financial and project-related information, so you can track business success now and in the future, no matter where your business operates.

Infor SyteLine ERP Human Resources allows you to:


Companies design costing methods to support planning, control, and decision making. The Cost Accounting features within Infor SyteLine ERP support both actual costing and standard costing, providing you the flexibility to choose the cost type and cost method that works best for you. 

Because costing methods are set at the item level, you can use a variety of combinations of cost flow methods to manage different items in different ways. Supported cost methods include Standard, Average, LIFO, FIFO, and Lot Specific. Infor SyteLine ERP Industrial captures costs as changes occur, ensuring up-to-date and accurate costing.

Infor SyteLine ERP supports both job shop and repetitive production environments. The costing system has the flexibility to manage either type, as well as a mix of both through job-based or period-based costing. Production costs are driven by the work center and department, by purchase orders linked directly to jobs, and real-time inventory transactions. Linking purchase orders or work orders to customer orders provides the ability to measure true margins.

General Ledger

Infor SyteLine ERP General Ledger tracks financial expenditures within the company and generates financial statements and reports for management, auditors, and investors. Whether your organization is comprised of a single site or multiple facilities and warehouses, Infor SyteLine ERP can manage your financial activities and compliance.

The General Ledger is defined by a Chart of Accounts that mirrors your enterprise structure, consisting of natural accounts and reporting units for financial reporting. Further analysis is available through dimensions and attributes tied to accounts. Maintain budgets for financial reporting and analysis. Financial reports may be generated in Excel with full drill-down to source documents or Infor SyteLine ERP Industrial’s proprietary reporting tool. Export results of financial queries to Excel, ASCII file, or clipboard.

Accounts Payable

Infor SyteLine ERP Accounts Payable brings world-class functionality and control to your cash management system. With features that streamline and simplify the critical daily tasks that make sound financial management possible, Infor SyteLine ERP Accounts Payable helps managers stay abreast of critical cash positions to improve efficiency and profitability.

Infor SyteLine ERP Accounts Payable has deep connections with the entire suite of Infor SyteLine ERP modules and will give your payables process full, fast, and accurate financial and operational information to help you make better decisions and execute your business strategy more effectively. 

Accounts Receivable

Other than inventory, no asset is typically larger than your Accounts Receivable. Infor SyteLine ERP Accounts Receivable helps you become more efficient, having a positive impact on cash flow, reduction of bad debt, and improved customer relationships.

Infor SyteLine ERP Accounts Receivable facilitates the process of applying receipts, allows you to view current account balances, and improves the communication between your billing, credit, and collection departments in real time. Payment information is tracked instantaneously, allowing you to gather statistical information about customer payment history which helps to improve customer support and cash flow. With Infor SyteLine ERP Accounts Receivable, you gain the accurate, real-time information you need to make immediate decisions about extending credit limits, collections, and managing a key component of your cash flow. 

Human Resources

Because employees can be a company’s most valuable asset, Infor SyteLine ERP Human Resources provides a full range of tools to help you track all aspects of human resources. The module maintains vital data about applicants and employees and provides numerous standardized reports. The flexibility of Infor SyteLine ERP Human Resources allows you to track as much or as little information as you require.

Infor SyteLine ERP Human Resources may be run standalone or integrated to Infor SyteLine ERP Payroll. When integrated, the shared data between the two modules eliminates the need for repetitive data entry, and ensures consistency and accuracy.


Infor SyteLine ERP Payroll automates the process of creating and maintaining complete employee payroll records. The payroll system helps you manage employee information, direct deposits, retirement deductions, and withholdings. Infor SyteLine ERP Payroll supports all federal and state taxes and rate changes, W-2 processing, electronic tax and wage garnishment remittance using ACH or EFTPS payment systems, and magnetic media tax filing. All the reports needed for processing, reviewing, and disbursing payroll are standard, including pay period details, payroll checks, check register, and quarterly and year-end reports.

Payroll is table-driven to provide flexibility in administering payroll for multiple states and to adapt to changes in federal, state, and local payroll regulations. Pay hours may be recorded manually or uploaded from Infor SyteLine ERP various options for time and attendance or shop floor time collection. Payroll calculations support regular, overtime, double time, PTO, and holiday pay.

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