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Whether you make industrial equipment, machinery, metal components, furniture, circuit boards, or boats, your product is unique, and your customer wants it now. They want it defect-free, and they want it for the best price you can give them, or they’ll buy it from your competitor. You have to know the capacity of your facility, maintain a production schedule, adhere to quality standards, comply with regulations, ensure the components you need arrive on time – and you must deliver when you promised. You may have one small location or be part of a worldwide enterprise, but the requirements of the customer transcend size.

The Infor SyteLine ERP Manufacturing Software system helps you coordinate equipment, facilities, inventory, work-in-process, and also manage production for maximum efficiency. Integrate processes, synchronize resources and magnify visibility, so you can concentrate on making your products better and faster.

Module Benefits

Job Creation

Infor SyteLine ERP provides several methods of creating and defining a job; you can use whichever method you prefer.

Production Schedules

Create production schedules for an entire plant, planner, family of items, or specific customer for a selected time period.


Using the Infor SyteLine ERP Scheduler, you can group several potentially different items on different jobs into a batch & process that batch through.

Flow Diagram Manufacturing Overview

Manufacturers need varying degrees of flexibility in how they manage all aspects of their production. The Infor SyteLine ERP Manufacturing Software system offers four interchangeable manufacturing production control methods to match the level of control and diversity desired. This hybrid manufacturing support lets you concurrently use a mix of techniques to run efficient manufacturing with the lowest possible overhead for production control.

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