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Infor’s comprehensive manufacturing process automation application bridges the gap from idea to execution. Built for the cloud, Infor Factory Track helps manufacturers synchronize their enterprise plans with plant activities.

Developed using Infor Mongoose, a rapid application development platform that enables more configurability and ease of enhancements, Infor Factory Track offers the latest consumer-grade user experience from the shop floor kiosks to handheld barcode scanners.

The solution offers three key modules:

Shop Floor

Shop Floor automates production schedule execution, dispatch operations, and work center operations.

Time Track

Time Track collects labor time and attendance and provide easy payroll extracts to feed payroll applications.

Warehouse Mobility

Warehouse Mobility will help your organization simplify inventory management, automate data collection and eliminate errors and inventory write-offs.

Factory Track is a comprehensive manufacturing process automation solution that helps manufacturers synchronize their enterprise plans.

Infor Shop Floor is a paperless shop floor operations system featuring full touch-screen, barcode scanning, and label printing support for deployment on the shop floor. Users input labor and material transaction information directly from the shop floor. Infor Shop Floor formats the data and transmits it to your Infor SyteLine ERP system. When the Infor Time Track Module is implemented, users can also perform time and attendance transaction using the same streamlined touch-screen interface.

Infor Time Track collects attendance data, manages labor transactions, and organizes data for processing by your payroll and ERP applications. You can manage employee clock-ins and clock-outs for shifts, lunches, and breaks, and also track planned and unplanned absences. You can also manage job starts and stops and quantities of items produced by employees. Many useful reports for administrators and supervisors are accessible through an easy-to-use dashboard interface.

Infor Warehouse Mobility is a robust data collection system that simplifies operations by streaming real-time information between the shop floor and your Infor SyteLine ERP system. Infor Warehouse Mobility handles all communications with your Infor SyteLine ERP system. Users select transactions and scan bar-coded data by using mobile radio frequency (RF) scanners. Infor Warehouse Mobility formats the data and transmits it to your ERP system. Any feedback from ERP is presented to the user exactly as it was received.

Manufacturing Process Automation

Infor Factory Track is built on the Infor Mongoose software development framework. Mongoose provides for rapid development of applications using relational database technology. Mongoose is a core Infor technology, providing built-in support for other Infor core technologies, such as Infor ION.

This solution supports all the functions of the enterprise and has the capabilities to increase inventory accuracy, reduce inventory carrying costs, reduce overhead, understand the true cost associated with labor, create strategic plans, and increase compliance and traceability. In addition, users can align with lean manufacturing principles by eliminating waste – time and materials – and better optimizing processes.

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