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What Is SyteLine ERP & Is It Worth It?

In the digital world of Industry 4.0, manufacturers need to be as efficient as possible to be competitive. This might look like seamless operations, efficient resource allocation, and smarter decision-making backed by real-time data. That’s where enterprise resource planning (ERP) comes in.

But with such a vast array of options and a respectable investment, it can be hard to select the right ERP system for your manufacturing business.

In this article, we’ll explain what is SyteLine ERP and why our consulting experts recommend it.

What Is SyteLine ERP?

SyteLine ERP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system designed to unify all aspects of your manufacturing business into a centralized database. Owned by Infor, a global software company, SyteLine can be integrated with department-specific modules as well as third-party software to offer a holistic view of your business.

SyteLine ERP is highly customizable. Most manufacturing businesses use the cloud-based ERP version, called Infor CloudSuite Industrial (Infor CSI). However, SyteLine can also be implemented as an on-premise ERP for manufacturers with highly sensitive data, like medical and pharmaceutical companies.

SyteLine Modules

Infor SyteLine can be customized in many ways, including modules and add-ons. ERP modules include:

In other words, Infor SyteLine ERP software is a comprehensive manufacturing system that offers advanced planning and scheduling capabilities, quality management and control, supply chain management, multi-site inventory planning, product lifecycle management (PLM), project management, and so much more.

Who Uses SyteLine ERP?

Manufacturing businesses use Infor SyteLine ERP to hone their manufacturing methods, whether that be job shop manufacturing, 3D printing, molding, batch process manufacturing, or more.

They also use SyteLine ERP for adjacent departments, like finance, HR, sales, etc. Combining the data from all these departments into a central location offers businesses a bird’s-eye view of the company as a whole.

Typically, medium to large manufacturing businesses invest in a full ERP suite. Fortunately, SyteLine ERP easily scales with growing businesses.

SyteLine ERP Industry Focus

These types of businesses benefit from SyteLine ERP:

How Much Does Infor SyteLine ERP Cost?

There’s a lot to consider when budgeting for any ERP system, including SyteLine. To reach the total cost of ownership, you’ll need to consider:

  • The price of the software
  • Any add-on software products from Infor and third-parties (e.g. Infor Factory Track or Infor CRM)
  • ERP consulting for selection, implementation, user training, and on-going support

Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast price. Each business is unique, and the total cost of ownership will depend on your specific needs. Ask our consultants for a quote.

3 Benefits of SyteLine ERP

We often recommend Infor SyteLine ERP to our clients because our experience shows it has the most benefits compared to competitors. Here are a few of the many benefits of SyteLine.

1. Easy-to-Use and Adopt

Infor SyteLine offers an intuitive user experience, which is crucial for successful implementation. After all, if employees struggle to use the platform, you’ll run into trouble during the change management process. Navigation of the system is logical and can be tailored to specific roles, called Role Based Home Pages.

2. Scalable and Customizable

Out of the box, you’ll notice a wide range of customization possibilities. Your ERP consultant can help you personalize the system to fit your goals and objectives. Infor SyteLine is designed to grow with your business. We find that our clients’ success grows after adoption of the system, so it’s important to stay ahead of the curve by using a system that can be customized and reconfigured as needed. Moreover, personalized elements will stay with your system during upgrades, so you don’t have to worry about starting all over again when growing your business.

3. Cloud-based, On-premise or Hybrid Platforms

Infor SyteLine takes into account the variable needs of manufacturing companies. While cloud-based ERP systems are the most popular today, some businesses still require on-premise systems, even if it’s only for a single department.

Infor SyteLine ERP makes it easy to choose one option or mix the two.

Learn Why 5,000+ Companies Are Using Infor SyteLine ERP

Godlan has been helping companies grow for over 35 years using Infor SyteLine ERP. Check out our case studies. Ask us why Infor SyteLine is our ERP of choice, and how you can use it to eliminate pain points and boost your bottom line.

Discover what is possible for your enterprise.

Reach out to our team today to begin a conversation to discuss your specific needs, infrastructure, and growth opportunities.

Godlan is a name you can trust.

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